about me.

(summer, 2010)


Dani Johnston.
I am 27.
a new momma.
mated for life.
too many pets, but that's more than alright.
I live out in the woods. with lots of tiny critters. and a few not so tiny critters.
I'm usually most comfortable behind a camera.
I need creativity. photographs. and pretty paper.
life has a lot to teach me, and I have a lot to learn.

week 2.
(pregnant with my daughter, Ember, early 2011.)

This Blog:

I started blogging in late 2007. It started as a place to share my scrapbooking, art journaling and my interest in photography. From there I developed quite a passion for blogging more personal stories and talking about my day to day life. I have blogged not only about my creative endeavors, but also photos and antidotes from my every day, as well as my time in therapy, working through emotional issues from my childhood. I blogged about my first pregnancy, as well as the miscarriage of my twins that resulted. I left blogging and creating in 2010 to focus on my second pregnancy and then the birth of my daughter, Ember in May of 2011. I came back to blogging in the summer of 2011. I missed it and my creative pursuits so greatly and though navigating  new motherhood while also trying to keep up with my personal interests can be difficult, I'm excited for the challenge.

 I'm SO glad  to be back to blogging and excited for what the future will bring and all that I can share with you.

Sitting outside..
(Myself, in front of my family tending to our garden.)

This blog is a momma blog.
A baby blog.
A family blog.
An artjournaling blog.
A crafty blog.
A blog about daily life and whatever that brings.
This blog is me.
As much of me as I'm willing to give to the internet.

(for just a wee bit more about the content you can expect to find on this blog, click this.)

Why "dirty feet and a wide open mind"?
Because, I am pretty much always barefoot, and I try my hardest to keep my mind wide open to the world.
Remember - reading this blog is always optional... if you don't like what you see, you don't have to look at it. Comments out of kindness are always appreciated!

I love hearing from readers.
you can...

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A little crafting resume:

Featured at Scrapbooking Club Cafe - March 2010
Guest Designer - Lotus Paperie - October 2009
Design Team - The Creative Type - October 2009 - 2011
Guest Designer - Twisted Sketches - July 2009
Featured at Create Well, Create Often - July 2009
Design Team - Vintage Plum - April 2009 - August 2009
Design Team - Scrapmojo - October 2008 - Current
Guest Designer - The Creative Type - October 2008
Guest Designer - Sweet Twee Labs - October 2008
Design Team - The Art is Found - September 2008 - July 2009
Guest Designer - My Sweet Spuds - September 2008
Guest Designer - Scrapmusik - April 2008
Harry Potter Notebook (Harry Potter Crafts) - 2006
Mad Eye Moody's Trunk (Harry Potter Crafts) - 2006

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And finally, to you:
much love, love, love. ♥.