Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Neil and Ember went on a walk through the woods late yesterday afternoon. He likes to take the girls outside when he gets home. It helps us all through that crabby and busy time of day. I was able to get Alti napping in the wrap as I made dinner though, so it was just the two of them this time.

I met them at the door as they came back up to the front yard.
Ember was trailing a bit behind Neil, stopping here and there to check out her toy lawnmower, move a clump of dirt, pick up a rock. Neil told her I was there and that she could "give me the flowers now".

So there she is, running up to me, these three stems clutched so tightly in her left hand.
"Fouwers! Fouwers Momma!"
"You fouwers!"
That is what she said.


My whole heart..... just.... gah.


She saw them on our shelves in the living room this morning. She was tickled to see them, and started talking about them all over again.
Neil told me last night they would be ready to toss in the morning, but they stood nice and tall. I'll keep them until every last blossom has fallen off. I'll keep the empty stems even, til they're dropping right down into the jar.

Such sweetness from my ornery baby girl. Such sweetness in this whole life with her.

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