Tuesday, January 8, 2013

for a friend.

I made this a couple months ago.

I think.
I need to check instagram for sure to remember.
I like taking progress shots with instagram as I go. I have found lately, that creating slowly, layer by layer, is working well for me. And truth is, I really only have time usually for the one layer, before I must move on and come back later.

Here is the series of instagram shots I took of this card:

thank you card.

Here is the final product:

thank you card.

thank you card.

I don't normally just create an image like this and work on it that way. I've never really been painter (despite my wishing I would try it) and even when I did collage work in school, it needed images and words. Always. So this was at many times out of my comfort zone, but I pushed through it.
I added the words at the bottom simply because it really is an art card and I wanted the sentiment there.

Hoping she likes it....
Hoping I actually get my butt to the post office before I give birth so she actually gets it!

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