Sunday, January 6, 2013


My One Little Word for 2013.

1. To involve oneself or become occupied; participate: engage in conversation.

My word is a bit... hmmm... it's full of energy I think. It's not very mellow, or quiet and I don't think it really invokes a sense of peacefulness. It has some spark to it.

I chose this after going through many words that would suit me just fine for the year. Honestly, I just kept coming back to this one. Tossing it around in my head. I didn't really like it at first and wasn't sure why I kept coming back to it.

But.... after 2012, a year that I can't really sum up much passion or excitement or really purposeful moment making in, I decided to need to engage in my life. 2012 was filled with lots of private retrospection. Lots of thinking. Lots of overthinking. Lots of unsure times. Lots of shock (that's a weird way to put it, but it's accurate). Lots of down times. I waivered quite a bit in 2012. I also sat back. I didn't do.

I just didn't.

I want to engage in my life. I want to spark it. I want to light it up. I want to be present for all the upcoming moments. I want start. I want to finish. I want to live it. I want to participate. I want to be out there. I want to  develop deeper relationships, deeper passions, a deeper life.

Now, I don't think 2012 was bad. I don't like calling years "bad" anyways. There were too many good things in it, if I'm really honest, to just declare the whole thing a bad year. I do think, that it was a huge year for learning about myself and my family. About my needs before every other single person's needs. Loving myself and accepting myself. Ignoring the crap, because it's... crap.

Here is the page I whipped up a couple nights ago for my word:



I used some products I purchased last year from Inspire Lovely. I love those labels so much, and that card with the little girl on it just seemed to be begging to be placed on this page. I also finally used the Balzer Designs Herringbone stencil I bought 8 months ago! And then of course, random inks, paints and sequins. Most pages should really have sequins.

Here is a shot I shared on instagram while I was working on the background a few nights ago:


Since I used a filter on it in instagram, the colors are obviously off, but at this point I had actually broken through quite a bit of frustration with this background and was finally happy with how it was developing. I am starting to feel like I need to find some sort of refresher on colors, color combinations, the color wheel, etc. I feel a bit stagnant there.
I didn't... you know.. have to make a page or anything. But I've been dying lately, I swear, literally, just dying to create something. And I thought, this is my word right here, I need to do this.

I love the concept behind One Little Word. But I don't want to pick a word, as I've done in the past and then just never bring it up, never mention it again. My sort of "plan" is to check in with it at least monthly, talk about how I have "engaged" in my life, my projects, my passions, talk about the challenge, talk about the triumphs, etc.

If I could pick a phrase for the year it would be "follow through". Seriously. One of my worst faults is just... not finishing something. Not pushing through. Not writing back. Not keeping up.
But hopefully, I do, because I need to.
No. I will. Because I need to.

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