Tuesday, December 4, 2012


My daughter is not the easiest little gal to get to sleep.
We have some tricks... babywearing, my magical boobs, things like that.

We've started introducing more of a routine at night and that helps a lot with bedtime.
Naptime is still a bit interesting, just depending on the schedule for the day and how she responds to it.

But yesterday, the three of us were home all day.
Well, ok not counting the two hours I went out to get groceries.
At one point, I was cozied up on the couch, making my grocery list, and going over money. Neil was in the kitchen. Ember was running around with nothing but a diaper on, playing. She came up to me, and signed "milk, please". Her way of asking to nurse. I lifted her up on my lap and she nursed for a bit, then simply just laid her head down. I gladly enjoyed the cuddle, thinking it would probably only last a minute or two more. But then, she closed her eyes... and just.. went to sleep.

skin to skin nap.

And yeah, I'm pretty much nakey here myself. I was waiting on some laundry to dry and mostly just wrapped up in a blanket. Honestly, being this far along and pregnant, being nakey just feels good sometimes. Now that Ember is so far from her newborn days, I forget how much we both enjoy skin to skin contact together still. In fact, if one thing has ever soothed her well, it's skin to skin, as well as laid back nursing.

skin to skin nap.

skin to skin nap.

She slept there for over an hour, just like this.
Moments like that. I could live on them. I'm still so completely high from it.

(And a side note: Oh blog... I miss you. I'm going to try harder to keep up with you. Really, I am.)