Wednesday, November 7, 2012

hey little sister.

It's about time I blog about this otherwise I'm going to be spending another half a year blogging away about my most recent pregnancy, months after the child is born!

If you are friends with me on facebook, then you know this. And since a lot of my blog sharing is on facebook, this may not be news at all to anyone and it's simply just that I'm behind on blogging it since I announced it early last month!

Late last May, right before we threw Ember's 1st birthday party, Neil and I got a nice big shock.
I had been telling Neil over and over for about two weeks that I felt like I was pregnant. I was having a bit of nausea, here and there, pretty light. Some pinchy cramps, but never getting a period. And just a "feeling". But I couldn't be really. We weren't trying. Not at all. The "plan" was to wait until Ember was about two years old. Not one year old. We were in no way thinking about adding another child to the mix just yet. My cycles weren't reliable at all, which I chalked up to breastfeeding, and they weren't predictable, on schedule or even every month like they were before the miscarriage (which.. yeah is the last time I had a reliable cycle since I got pregnant so quickly with Ember after that).
But I just kept thinking I needed to take a test and know for sure.

So while at the grocery store picking up more supplies for the party, I grabbed a pregnancy test. Once we checked out, I promptly took it to the restroom in the store and well, pee'd on it!
I'm not exactly... known... for.. my patience.

The test...

When I saw the results I think I laughed out loud  I immediately took a photo of it with my phone and sent it to Neil with the words, "you're dead." He was waiting outside the restroom with Ember, and I waited to hear the sounds of him passing out on the floor, but he just text me back. Something like, "I'm sorry". Which is funny because he would completely let me blame him for this, even though we both did the deed. Hopefully this doesn't sound terribly negative or insensitive, but Neil and I have to find humor. We have to be funny. We have to say terrible things sometimes. It keeps us sane in a lot of ways.
Honestly, we were really shocked. I thought taking the test would just get the whole "I think I might be pregnant" thoughts out of my brain... because I couldn't be pregnant!
Finding out I really was pregnant... whoa. Wow. Wait a minute. What?

I remember emailing our midwife a few days later and saying, "I know how this happens. But I don't know how this happened!!"

At the end of September, a friend of mine took this photo of the four us to announce the late January(ish) arrival of our newest family member:

Notice anything?

Another beautiful daughter for Neil and I, and a little sister for our Ember.

I'll be blogging here soon about why we waited so long to announce it, how I've been feeling and everything overall. I really, really, really wanted to finish up my posts about my pregnancy with Ember before I posted about anything. That took MUCH longer that I ever planned, but I saw it through. In the end though, that was good, because it was important for me to write out and work through the pregnancy and Ember's birth, to help me with this pregnancy and upcoming birth!

It feels really good to be current again and I feel free to blog about other topics, focus on writing about this lovely child I'm growing right now and get ready for her arrival into our world.

Baby bump pic... 25 weeks! And this was about three weeks ago... I'm 28 weeks today!

25 weeks!

Life is good.
Life is shocking.
Life is not slowing down one little bit.
But life is good.


  1. Many congrats to you - how exciting and you look great!

  2. Oh congratulations! I just thought I'd make some blog visiting rounds and I chose a good day!!!!! Wooohooo! Happy for you and Neil!