Friday, October 5, 2012

my pregnancy with ember: the last days.

Here are some odd and end images from my last days pregnant with Ember.

I was really happy in those last days. I felt really good. I never actually did get to the point where I was "done" being pregnant. I just really embraced and enjoyed it. Now having said that, it's perfectly healthy and normal to feel "done" and ready to have your baby in your arms. Gets a gal prepared for the next step, which is of course birthing and then caring for your baby.
I just never ended up feeling that way with Ember. Pregnancy was pretty blissful for me.


Easter, April of 2011. Neil went to our midwife's house to do some work for her and I went ahead and got gussied up for a family day at my aunt's home.

Last few days of pregnancy..

Last few days of pregnancy..

My kitty girl Lucy, pawing my belly.

Last few days of pregnancy..

I was making my pregnancy tea, when I noticed my reflection in the tea kettle and it cracked me up!

Last few days of pregnancy..

Neil came in the house one day with flowers he'd picked for me off the side of the road. You know, I can't honestly remember the last time he's given me store bought flowers, but I'm always getting treasures from his wandering outside.

Last few days of pregnancy..

My niece's 5th birthday party. I was getting kind of tired of hearing "you still haven't had that baby yet?" at this point. I once considered saying, "oh yeah, I had her weeks ago, she's just hanging out at home today" alllllll the time.

Last few days of pregnancy..

Last few days of pregnancy..
Ha. We look so tired. We were tired. Happy. But tired. I think we were sort of getting into that panicked, "we're still not ready!" mode. Neil was taking all the side work he could, I was trying very hard to make the house feel somewhat like a home and along with everything else, it was easy to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Maybe that was why I was happy being pregnant for as long as Ember felt comfortable... because I just never really felt ready.

But does anyone ever really feel ready?

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  1. I reached a point of "oh I just hurt so bad! Please let this part be over" but I definitely wasn't prepared or ready. You are just adorable btw :) I love the tea kettle shot!