Tuesday, September 18, 2012

my pregnancy with ember: 32 weeks.

31 - 32 ish weeks.

Ahhh, hello belly!

I was feeling terribly that I had not taken any new photos in so long, and had pretty much abandoned my 52 weeks project. I hate it when I abandon projects. Hate it.
And yet, I do it often.

I got myself dressed up, straightened out my hair, put on my barely fitting leather boots and had Neil drive us to downtown Lee's Summit so I could pose in my very favorite alley. Yes, I have a favorite alley.

31 - 32 ish weeks.

It was getting towards the end of March here. My baby shower was coming up. I was busying myself with putting things on a registry (things we really didn't need.. I found that out soon enough...) and things were pretty good. Neil and I were getting the hang of unemployment this time around. One of the good things about unemployment in the union, is that, at any day, at any time, you can get a call to go back to work. There is another job coming. Now as far as when... well... yeah, that's the thing. But every morning it's easy to wake up thinking "today could be the day". And every night it's easy to go to sleep thinking "tomorrow could be the day". You just don't know.

my baby's daddy.

31 - 32 ish weeks.

she was kicking.

Ember starting kicking pretty good once we finished up, so I held the camera down to capture Neil feeling her. Neil and Ember had quite a little game of him tapping my belly and her kicking back in response. Actually, they used to do this all the time at night after I would fall asleep. I had no idea until he told me one day. Secret daddy and daughter stuff before she was even born.

I loved these last months, these final weeks. There was a lot of stress as far as money, and bills went. That never really went away. It just got easier to accept I guess. It got easier to just stay calm about. It got easier to just not have a meltdown all the time. It got easier to trust that we really would be ok.

I was a lucky girl really. I don't know of many others who can say that their partner was home with them for not only their last months of pregnancy, but also for three months after as well.

Lucky indeed. But very grateful as well.


  1. Such lovely photos Dani.
    Such thoughtful choices for your words.
    I always enjoy reading your posts (they are real, rather happy or sad).
    Sue Clarke

  2. Again, you amaze me with your ability to put your thoughts in writing.