Thursday, August 16, 2012

my pregnancy with ember: 22 weeks.

week 2.

Neil took this photo, because I was working on a 52 weeks photo project, that started with the 1st of the year. I only made it about three weeks in though. *sigh* Same story as most of the lengthy projects I try to take on.

Like the photos from my last post, taken with my little point and shoot.

We went to Powell Gardens, tromping around in the sun and the snow. The glare was so bright, just literally bursting off the ground. I had tears in my eyes from it most of the time, and I was trying so hard to keep them open for photos. So excuse my not so happy face here, it was the best I could do without tears streaming down my face.

I've loved this photo so much ever since we took it. It was shaping up to be a very hard month, and the sun was so bright and the weather so calm. Even the cold just didn't feel so bad. It was nice to be outside, wandering around the completely white gardens, and breathing in the chilly air.

I love my expression, and the bright white behind me. And the little bit of green peeking out on my leggings.

I'm glad I took *some* photos. I'll admit, I didn't take a lot over the next few weeks. My heart wasn't in it most days and I regret that now. Now, it is sometimes hard to remember this time as having any happy moments. But there were some really lovely days, like this one.

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