Tuesday, July 17, 2012

it's about time.

That this place looked half way decent.
But now, thanks to my amazing friend Shaina, it looks..... it looks downright fabulous.

I have needed a decent blog design, for, well, YEARS. Literally. I started searching in 2009 for someone to help me come up with an original design for my blog. I even paid someone on etsy once (quite nicely too!) to come up with something for me. Nothing ever worked out. I gave up on the etsy artist after about her third design, and cut my losses. It was like I wasn't really being listened to. And I honestly think we just weren't communicating well at all. I've searched high and low for someone else, many times, but I've always been afraid to commit and throw more money away. I was feeling frustrated in my lack of knowledge with the proper software, and lack of time to learn it, leaving me with limited skills of my own to do much more than change colors, fonts, and do some basic template changes.

Yesterday, Shaina called me and was on the phone with me (I think holding her breath!) while I pulled up my blog to check out her work. I was and still am completely floored. I absolutely love it and I really feel like she completely expressed who I am, if that makes any sense, when she designed this. It's simple, not cluttered, but still beautiful and... yeah, I'm so in love with it.

My very favorite part, something that I only just mentioned would be so neat to be able to do, is the sketch she had commissioned of me:

It's based off a photo Neil took of me in the spring of 2010. I actually completely forgot about it, but I think it is perfect for this and the sketch just makes it pop that much more. Plus, ummm... it's just cool to see myself all sketched up like this!!

I feel such a renewed inspiration for blogging! I've been working on draft posts that have been sitting around for months, I'm working on actually getting through and finishing up my series about my pregnancy with Ember AND I'm working on scrapbooking and journaling again. All because I want to share! Having this lovely space to do that in just makes me so happy.

IF you're at all thinking about a new design for your blog, you really should contact Shaina. (Information on her services can be found here.) She is probably one of the most kind hearted and genuine people I have ever "met". Plus, she is constantly ready and willing to try out and learn all kinds of new things, actually, I'm pretty sure she loves doing that, since I'm always reading about something new she's just learned. She really has such a passion for this, and you can tell she loves doing it.

I need to update a couple of things, my about page for one, and I'd like to also work on some sort of footer for my posts, so eventually I'll do a little blog tour. For now though, please join me in looking at Shaina's lovely work!

Eeeek! Excited doesn't even begin to express it.


  1. I love the design, and the sketch is beautiful!! :-)

  2. I'm so glad you love it my friend. You deserve a space online that feels like home and matches your spirit. Enjoy and have fun blogging again! Love you! :D