Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the party...

was what I would call a success!

I'm waiting on getting photos from the photographer (something I completely and totally am happy I indulged in, because I wanted photos that included ME) so I'll save the recap post until then.

But here is an instagram shot (thank you Halla!) of the birthday girl all dressed up:

(Her dress was handmade by a great friend, and the darling headband was made by Handfull.)

I learned just what throwing a birthday party is all about. The good and the bad. I have lots to consider for future birthdays..

Neil learned that our car may look small, but it can hold way more than he ever imagined. And he can also successfully drive down the highway with it completely loaded down. The second thing he learned is not to have faith that the tiny grill at the park shelter can efficiently and quickly cook a meal for 40 people. It can't.

And Ember... she learned that a little bit of chocolate cake is super yummy. That opening up presents and investigating each and every new toy is awesome. That bubbles may be messy, but are very entertaining. And that there are so many people who love her and will laugh, and sing, and smile just for her.

Good times.


  1. Awe!! She is so cute. Love that dress and headband. I can't believe she's a year old already. I love that you hired a photographer and I can't wait to see more pictures. You're the best mom. <3

  2. Amazing!! And so incredibly adorable!! So disappointed in myself for missing it.

  3. Hi dani! I think of you often and wonder how your little one is! So I decided to find your blog to see and here I am at your new one! Good to see all the smiles, fun and love! She's beautiful!

  4. Aww again I love how the dress turned out and I'm so glad it fit her! (not to mention so glad you like it)