Thursday, May 24, 2012

guest post at shadylane.

My dear friend Shaina asked me to be a small part of her month long celebration on her blog. She recently completely redesigned and relaunched the whole site and it's pretty dang awesome.

To help her celebrate, she's had a few guests pop in to blog about how "they celebrate the everyday".
I couldn't be more honored that she asked me join in with the other fabulous bloggers.

And oh my gosh, the way she introduced me. Talk about making a girl blush!

I felt the pressure for sure, just because of how much of a struggle I've had with blogging the past couple of years. However, after composing my post and sending it in, I definitely felt a renewed sense of excitement about blogging and I'm really trying to focus more energy on how to make it work for me.

My post, is focusing more on celebrating the everyday, by giving some time to yourself, and how this can be a difficult task sometimes for us mommas out there. It's something I've had on my mind a lot lately, so I knew that this is what I needed to talk about.

So please check it out, and be sure to check out the other guest bloggers posts too. Lots of great inspiration there.

Actually, just take some time to read through all of Shaina's fantastic blog. It's so full of beautiful, authentic daily life. I love how well she makes her everyday moments so memorable.

(I'll be back in bit to continue my series of posts on my pregnancy with Ember (no really!). I'm *almost* finished with the next post.)

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