Monday, April 2, 2012

hello spring.

We really didn't have much of a winter anyways, so the weather has been so mellow the past couple of months, but Spring is finally here. (ok, so really, Spring has been here a couple weeks but you know what I mean...)

some pretty yellow flower.
(I have NO idea what these little yellow flowers are. They came up in early March, and then died and we haven't had anymore since. I think they are some we planted in front of our irises in 2010, but still, no idea what they are.)

I like following the rules I guess. I don't call it a season until the season is actually here.

March is gone now. Was it ever here? It went by so quickly, I can't even really recall what of importance occurred. But April is here now. Spring is here now.

I've been ever so impatiently waiting for these days that have finally arrived.

it was a bit chilly that afternoon.
(Emme catching a ride with Neil while he was cleaning up the yard. It was just chilly enough to require a warm hat that afternoon, but it hasn't been that way since.)

We've started a garden this year. I've not ever had more than houseplants my whole life I think, but I am so excited to try this nonetheless. Neil is building raised beds, one is already settled in and full of strawberry plants. We're planning on a gate around the whole thing (just for organization, looks and critters) and it's all new to us but we're enjoying the process. A few years ago, before joining the union, Neil did some work for Powell Gardens, as well as with gardening centers and landscapers. He knows more than me of course. But he does not know how to search online for the cool ideas. So, we both have our strong points.

(Planting strawberries with Em on my back. Don't you love her gardening hat? And then we have the edge of the property, next to the road. The red buds bloomed so quickly, ours are already done now.)

Farmer's Markets are starting soon! I feel like it was such along wait, April could not get here soon enough! I need to get back to the market! My Saturday mornings will be wonderful once again. The Kansas City Food Circle holds a very cool food expo every year, which we attended yesterday. And we'll attend the second one next Saturday as well. I love this event. It's a great way to kick off the start of another market season, celebrate local food, celebrate like minded people. Ahhh. It felt so good to be there. Buying fresh eggs and sheep's cheeses and herbs to plant. I've made a list for next weekend as well, which includes raspberry bushes and another grape plant for Neil. (He attempted keeping one last year and that was... a huge fail. Mostly due to cute, adorable, newborn baby distractions.)

sitting in the wind.
(Sitting in the sunshine, letting the wind blow through her hair. Or.. hairs..)

I've dreamt about having a garden, a few chickens, maybe some ducks (more about that later..) for years. This house is finally starting to feel more like my own home now, which is something I haven't felt I had in a long time. And life is just happening all around us, constantly. The bugs, the blooms, the birds, the butterflies...
Neil will be finished with his apprenticeship in two more weeks. This last semester has seemed like the longest yet and we're so ready to move on. I'm so proud of him and excited about where we're headed. Everything still feels like.... like there is a lot of work to do. But maybe not such a struggle right now. Which just feels good.

the only way to travel.
(getting to back to work..)

We're still working on feeling secure financially. I still feel terrified sometimes that Neil is going to come home and tell me he's been laid off again. I still feel paranoid about wanting to be perfect about our budget and money, which usually makes me completely imperfect. We're learning, we're trying. Our biggest goal this year is to get completely caught up from last year (almost there.... just a couple things we need to get on track), and have some savings in case he is laid off again. But also, getting away from unnecessary spending. And by that I mean, the crazy high prices in the grocery stores, wasting gas on too many trips into town, and just... being unprepared and unstable. We want to get away from the stinking consumer traps that seem to be set all over the place. I'll be blogging about this more. Frugality feels good. I had no idea!

Spring! I love it!


  1. we've had nothing but rain and overcast days here. and even a freak blizzard a week and a half ago. i'm eagerly awaiting spring to hit. here we have a 5th season: windy. which sucks too. so even when it looks nice and sunny out, its so windy your breath gets sucked out of you. :(
    but your spring looks lovely... and that little one of yours just gets cuter and cuter. thinking of you!!

  2. The weather is sooo nice! The little flowers are crocuses by the way- I planted several but got them in late so they're still blooming here. I look forward to seeing more of our garden as it progresses :)

  3. Your baby is a doll!! Great photos. I enjoyed reading your post.

  4. Love all the photos and thank you for sharing moments form your daily life.
    We are still waiting for spring to arrive here in Norway, just too cold this year.
    Thank you for sweet comments in my blog.