Tuesday, April 17, 2012

eleven is so close to twelve.

Today, my darling girl is 11 months old.

I'm a bit.... shocked by this actually.
I probably will cry when she hits one. I never understood all the crying! Gah. Totally understand it now.

helping with the laundry.
(helping me sort laundry on the bed.)

Where has all this time gone... thank goodness I've taken plenty of photos and video, even if I've been terrible about sharing them.

helping with the laundry.
(cloth wipes are SO cool!)

With that in mind, something else I've never shared and have not done such a good job with writing down, is my pregnancy with Ember. I have a ton of half started posts and journal pages dedicated to it, but I need to finish them soon. I don't want to lose what I remember, and so many of the finer details are already slipping away now.

helping with the laundry.

So a series of posts will be taking over this blog until the big day, May 17th, all about my pregnancy with Ember until finally, her birth story. Which is something I NEED to get down, there is so much in my heart about it that I don't want to lose. And for Ember, who should always know about the beautiful day when she completely changed my life.

helping with the laundry.
(coming to get me..)

I think... there are many topics I wish I had managed better and blogged, any mostly I need to let them go now and focus on blogging the present. BUT this is one I can't let go of, not until it's out. I think it will do me well to think back, so close to her birthday.

And now... I must get back to planning her party. I can't get all emotional when party planning, so it's a lovely distraction to the disbelief that I have an almost 1 year old child.

helping with the laundry.

Stay tuned: My first post about my pregnancy with Ember will be up in a bit...


  1. looking forward to these posts. :) your little girl has my heart even from all these miles away. love you friend!! :D

  2. Look at that beautiful little doll!! So sweet!