Sunday, February 19, 2012

nine years.

New prompt up at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal!

Nine Years - A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.

I'm so sappy.
The prompt is to list your favorite things about someone, anyone you love.
Make some lists, use some ephemera.
Put it in pockets!

And this is where my brain went when thinking about this prompt.
I really could have spent three hours making a list of everything I love about Neil. Or just listed a few things. Or top five. Or my favorite things about Neil from yesterday. But dude, I love all of it. Even the stuff I think I don't love, I love it more than no Neil at all.
That is so cliche. "I love everything about you, how can I list one thing?"
Eh well.
I did finally make a list, it's there in the pocket, of my favorite things about Neil from this past week. I rattled them all off on that piece of paper, very quickly, without much editing. It's going to be fun to read through later.

The pocket is the tag from my Valentine's Day gift. The twine I used on the side of the page/pocket was what tied the tag and gift together. The receipt behind Neil's head was from a recent dinner out. I love that his handwriting is on it, from writing in our tip and total. I really love how the adhesive made the receipt paper go all gray and mottled.

This photo of Neil is from 2010. I have much more recent photos of course, but this was in the pile and I love his face in this. And his super long hair. Favorite things remember?

There are raindrops on this page. I was so desperate to get a decent photo of this, that I stood out in the drippy rain to do it. Let's just think of it as yet another layer of interest. Or something smart and artsy.

Honestly, I created this page at 11pm a few nights before it was due. And then I woke up the next morning and I HATED it. Which meant that I needed to redo it and had no real scheduled time before it was due to actually do that. So somehow, while Ember played underneath me and with bits of stolen time here and there, I tore up most of what was originally on this page, gessoed over it, then gessoed over it again, built it back up a bit and felt much better about the end result.
It's annoying when I come back to a page and just hate what I see. I cannot keep pages I don't like. And it's frustrating to redo something, especially something you need to get turned in, or just want to be done with even. But it's worth it later.

Go forth now and check out this newest prompt. Make pretty pages! Or make whatever the prompt inspires you to make. Share them with me, because I am so enjoying being back in the world of creating and  sharing and discussion. Feels good.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog :) Your page is gorgeous! I love all the elements you used like in the pocket, the twine and that you used a receipt with your hubby's handwriting. Love the sentiment in your journaling as well. I can't wait to see what you create for the next prompt.

  2. Hi Thanks for visiting my blog ... I had fun at yours :)

    Firstly your baby is totally gorgeous!

    I love this journal page, especially how you tied on the pocket with the string (I checked out the heart - I love that too!)

    See you again!