Tuesday, February 14, 2012

let's just love today.

Happy Valentine's Day

Neil bought me this for Valentine's Day. We did the celebrating a little early (Sunday/Monday) because he has work today and school tonight so he won't be seeing us. And he's terrible about keeping gifts/surprises from me. He gets too excited.

That chunky metal heart makes my own heart swoon.

I didn't used to care about this day much. Even if it is the anniversary of Neil and I pretty much being inseparable these last nine years, still (we didn't plan that, it just happened to be the friday night we decided to hang out on). All the junk and the candy and wasted paper and the idea that you have to have someone or else you're just screwed and all the damn TRASH. Annoying really.

But now I've got this daughter.
And suddenly I'm looking at this day. And all the holidays. And trying to figure out how we can celebrate these days for her. They will influence her with or without how her family celebrates. How can I make it more meaningful for our family and less disposable?

Remember in school when it was about everyone? It was about loving everyone. You made valentines for everyone, maybe even the kids you didn't really like or want to. You did it anyways. You shared the love all around.
And then suddenly you get to middle school or high school and it's all about getting flowers with special messages tied to them or a giant cookie with sappy words written in frosting. It's all about couples and boyfriends and girlfriends and who's dating who and who has a crush on who, blah, blah, blah. Good grief, there's enough of that going on already. And if you're not someone who got one of these gifts then you ride the bus home crying because not one boy in school bought you a stupid carnation or gave you a stupid  cookie. Maybe that was just me?
Yeah... highschool. Ugh.

Let's keep this day about the LOVE. For everybody. What's wrong with a day that reminds us to love? Even maybe the people you don't want to. Today, they are on your list to be kind to, today even they will not be ignored.

We all got each other a little something, just because. But that's not so important, the stuff or what's what. It's the token, the time, the thought. Neil and I have done handmade in previous years, and I'm SO looking forward to handmade valentines and crafts with my kiddos.

I'm still working out the traditions, what we'll do, how we'll celebrate... but it's exciting. We don't have to fall prey to what "they" say. We get to do whatever we want! We get to love and love and love some more. Can't hurt right?

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