Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am pretty ecstatic to say that I'm a guest host for 2012 over at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.
Like super ecstatic.
And super nervous.
It's kind of ... you know, been awhile.

I'm a couple days late with the first prompt. I was really really really feeling self conscious about trying to journal anything and self doubt kept creeping in.
But I did it.
And so, this is the start of even more pages. No hoping, because I know it.

Start - A Year in the Life of an Art Journal

And so the prompt was to: pick a word, use imagery to represent that word and to paint/doodle.
Check out the much better details here.

And my word is: START.

As in... shut up your brain and just DO IT.
I have so many plans and ideas and dreams and "I want tos".
It's clogging up my brain. and my heart. and just... the flow of my life.

Even if it's just crocheting the hat pattern I've had saved for myself for three years.
Or finally learning to sew.
Or all that BIG stuff. That BIG stuff, that I've been wanting to start for years and years. And I keep perfecting the plans. I keep talking about the right time.
Blah. BAH! No more.

I am going to just say too, that I love this page. I do.
I found the sun design on the tear out packaging of this strathmore visual journal and I decided to sketch it onto the page. I punched out a couple of the designs from the packaging as well, and used some of the wording on it. I created this whole page from a few random things on my desk and it seems like not being completely overwhelmed by supplies actually works for me creatively. Crazy.

I'm in love with the sun lately. Designs, patterns, writings about it. I'm just drawn to it these days.

And so.
There we go.

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  1. Great START Dani! Love the bright colours of the sun - and I know from experience how selfdoubt can block creativity and suck out your energy... ánd I know from experience that once you go right through it and START - things get flowing (and even go like crazy!) Hat's of for your start!