Monday, January 30, 2012


For the January 30th prompt over at A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal.

Imagine - A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal

The prompt is "imagine".
That's a great word right?

This is sort of a somber page though. I am really hesitant to start babbling on about it.
I don't want to be known as a downer.

But I like speaking plain, so here we go.
When I was digging through my pile of photos for scrapping, keeping the word "imagine" in mind, I found the photo you see on my page there. That is from June, 2010, taken during the weekend I suffered a miscarriage  of our twins. And when I found this photo, the word immediately struck me and I had to go ahead and work with the idea.
I have trouble stopping the direction my creative mind starts going sometimes... I don't think that's bad, but like I said, such a lovely word with such a sad subject!

Back in September, I purchased some goodies from Inspire Lovely and I've kept them altogether, opened up, in a baggie since then. I loved the neutral colors coming from them and I think almost everything used here is from that baggie. Including the shipping envelope, which I used in the background.

I love love love the imagery floating above our heads, and I love the butterflies. After the miscarriage, for the rest of that summer there were always butterflies everywhere in our yard.. constantly. I couldn't help but find meaning in that.

The prompt calls for magazine cutouts and to use masking. Honestly, I sort of failed in both areas here! I did cut out the words "everyday" from a magazine ad I found in my paper stash... but it was only until most of the page was already built that I realized I had other parts of the prompt to do. Like I said, it's hard to stop my brain when it's on a course.

I want to say, I don't think that Neil or I think about the miscarriage every single day. But I like the impression that the words give, that it's still very much on our minds.
I wanted the word "imagine" to just give the idea of imagining a world, a place, where these babies live. Where all my babies get to live, and exist, together. Imagining them, imagining their lives, imagining is all.
This subject is tricky for me to talk about. But I have to be honest, I could write volumes and do thousands of pages about this miscarriage. I'm not sure if that will ever change. I don't like the idea of unhealthy dwelling, but I love the idea of working through what happens in life. And that is what this is.
This probably won't be my last page about it, or the last time I talk about it.

I tried to get some masking in on the background, but it just frustrated me. The page was already built in my mind so I just couldn't make it work. These prompts are meant to be loose and not restrictive, but still, next time I want to try and keep the entire prompt in mind before I set my mind loose on it!


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. It's important for folks to know that scrapping can cover all aspects of life (not just the happy shiny stuff).
    Sue Clarke