Monday, January 9, 2012

the flu.

This is where it all started:


Neil came home Tuesday night feeling awful, and while I fixed dinner (which was amazing bison meatloaf, that he had no appetite for, boo) he laid on the floor while Ember played.


Wednesday. Emme really thought Neil was lots of fun to play on.


Thursday. By the early evening though, he was feeling much, much better and by Friday morning was ready to go back to work. A little over 48 hours, not too shabby.

Wait a sec. Does it make me look like a terrible mother because I took photos of my daughter playing with her toys all over her very sick father? Basically covering her in all his germs? Maybe. But.. yeah, we were pretty much as exposed as it gets. And it was so dang cute. So blah.

Unfortunately, then, Friday morning, I felt like someone hit me with a large truck.

And by Saturday, which was New Year's Eve, Ember wasn't feeling much better.



Do you see that? She actually fell asleep rocking, on Neil's chest. That is a very rare treat with her. I have to admit, it was bliss. Especially for Neil, since she slept on his chest most of the night.

She felt a bit better Sunday, since her fever broke sometime in the night. Still sleeping a lot, nursing a lot and wore out, but happy.


By Sunday evening I was feeling much better, and by Monday even Ember was more like herself. Still pretty tired though, so I completely took advantage of the cuddly napping. By Tuesday it was all over and she was back to naps in the mei tai or bed. But it was nice to have that little flash back to her tiny baby days.

So, for me as well, a little over 48 hours and for Ember, I think about 72 with some lingering effects for a day or so after. Neil and I of course had a bit of tiredness/soreness after but honestly, nothing that getting to bed on time and eating and drinking plenty didn't help. I feel like we kicked the flu's butt pretty good, especially after hearing about other people's experiences with it, my own family included (looks like we all shared it with each other at Christmas).

So here's what we did:

Oscillococcinum. Good stuff.

- Chiro-Zyme  TRMA, digestive enzymes. Recommended by our chiropractor and now completely recommended by us. OMIGOSHTHEYAREAMAZING. We dosed up on them and drank lots of water. Our chiro explained why these helped so much, and I'm not going to pretend to explain it as well as he did, something about breaking down the proteins that the flu is made up of, etc. etc. Just trust me, AMAZING.

- Hot baths. For Neil and I, to clear our heads before bed each night. None for Emme until her fever broke on it's own, just so we weren't messing with it at all.

- Vaporizer. Those Vaporizers mean business man. They will clear. you. out.

- Elderberry Syrup. I've always heard amazing things about it, this was our first chance to try it. I definitely want to make our own though.

- Vitamin D. I have been taking this since last year, a couple months into my pregnancy with Ember, but I recently also had Neil start taking it and we dose up during sickness.

- Airborne. Mostly when we first noticed we were getting sick and then after we felt better. Just to give our immune systems a nice boost. 

- Rest. Rest. Rest. 

- Relaxing about life and not worrying about silly. silly. silly. stuff. It could wait until we felt better.

- Nursing. For Ember of course. Because my milk is AWESOME. 

- Chiropractic adjustments. Yeah buddy.

- Not freaking out over Ember's fever and letting it happen naturally, without messing with it. Keeping my favorite book and other resources handy so I wouldn't freak out. Knowing how good this is for her immune system.

We were pleased with all of these things. Neil is pretty anti meds and I'm nursing so I guess I am too. Well, no, I am, but I have extra reason to be diligent about it now. We both were surprised that actually, all of this worked faster and more efficiently than the medications we have taken in the past. I'm still working on getting our pantry ready for these types of things, but I feel pretty good about what we did. This flu was not light, it was pretty rough. Some of my family had it individually over a week. We kicked it's butt though I think.

What a crazy, and yet very cozy, way to ring in a new year.

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