Thursday, January 5, 2012

better together.

There has been a lot of this lately:


It wouldn't be so accurate to say that we're just borrowing our midwife's mei tai.
You know, trying it out or something.
More true to say it's saving my life every single day.
I need to order our own and get this one returned before we've worn it to nothing but strings.

Thank goodness for babywearing.

My sweet girl is so sleepy eyed lately. Clingy, very clingy.
As she well should be, getting over the flu is not fun. The lingering cough and drippy nose are such unfriendly guests.

Clingy has been one of the parts of parenting that has taken the most getting used to.
I'm as a clingy as they come when my mood is right.
But to have someone else be so clingy towards me. That was an adjustment for me. To learn how to keep the days going and not just stay in bed all day long and nurse and sleep and play and forget about any sort of  life just because the baby is asking to be held more often than not.

It's all such a change.
But I just keep going.
I've learned that I can keep going.
That there are a million things I can do with a baby on my hip.
With a baby in a pouch.
With a baby wrapped up against me.

Stuff I didn't even have the patience to do before I had my little friend with me, suddenly it teases me to just try and get it done.
I usually do.

I can tend to her, and to myself. I can still live while relishing my baby while she's little.
It's not very perfect. Timing is never right. There are still many dishes to be washed and laundry asking to be folded.
Ember is always first.

There is so much self discovery in this parenting business.
There is STRENGTH here.
There is INDEPENDENCE here.

I don't have to wait for anyone. And I don't need to have anyone do something for me.
I can do it now, and I can do it for myself.

I can.

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  1. dani... is it you?! Oh yes... it's YOU!!! I've been to your old blog forever and you disappeared. Vanished. Gone... and now I see you are back ánd as a momma! OHWOWZAH girl! Congratulations!!! I couldn't think of a better girl to step into my place as a guest host! Glad you're back dear!