Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year!

We are spending ours with the flu.
Neil had it Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and Ember and I felt pretty much awful when we woke up on Friday.

For New Year's, We Have the Flu.

Don't we look lovely. Well, Emme does. I look puffy and greasy... I feel like my whole body is just oozing. Tissues are a small comfort at this point.

And so, here we are.
Her fever makes me a little antsy. Last night was a doozy, with the waking every hour and sudden outbursts of tears. She wasn't even like this when she was a newborn.
She's actually not too lethargic or unhappy all that often. She does have moments of discomfort and tears, and we're just trying to navigate them as best we can. Sleeping and nursing a lot, which is good.

But! It's New Year's Eve! And even the flu can't change that. New Year's Day, is my very favorite day of the year. I'm trying very hard these days not to lump good or bad times into chunks of time. To say that the whole of 2011 was awful. Or that February was terrible. There are always good things going in, even in the bad. But, there is something to a new year. Just feels fresh.

2011, was... full. Of nothing we expected and really sad, really hard and really beautiful things. I hope that we come out of it better people than before. I really do.

My "plan" is do a year in review post, mostly because I disappeared in blogland for the first half of 2011. Plus there is so much to reflect on, so much I didn't write down. So much I want to make sure to document somehow, even if briefly in a paragraph. From there I have a few things I want to start blogging about regularly, but we'll see. That's all I can say about blogging right now, is we'll see! I have high hopes though. Gotta love hope.

And so...
Happy New Year to all of you.
Happy Beautiful Amazing Fresh Shiny New Year to all of you.


  1. I'm starting to blog more, I hope you do too! I miss ya on here. Even if you just do photos thats cool. At least then you'll have words and photos set in stone for your future memory keepers. :)

  2. wonderful, not the flu of course but your blog posts. Just sat here and read through them all. delightful. so happy for your little family.

  3. Aww, hope you guys are feeling better. Blog when you can. :)