Thursday, November 10, 2011

our mermaid.


So, it's safe to say our Halloween party was a success. Definitely a keeper and hopefully as long as the kids/adults are into it, we'll do it every year. BUT, I'll talk about it next post... first, I gotta show off Ember's costume. If you saw this post from a couple weeks ago, then you knew I was working on a mermaid tail for her.

It didn't take me much time or yarn at all, and I also worked up an adorable hat to go with it.


The hat is out of the book, Not Your Mama's Crochet, which I checked out from the library. It's the "Whoo Hat" pattern (that link takes to you ravelry, you'll need an account there to see the pattern) and it's just really crazy adorable. I'm going to make another in different colors. She has worn this hat a few other times, when she's got something on that sort of matches. Away from the costume, it's just a really cute hat!

I don't think she'll be wearing the tail again anytime soon, but that's more than alright.
She did really great in the costume as far as tolerating her legs being held together inside of the tail. I worried about that.. we even did a test run for about 45 min. or so when we stopped by the farmer's market that morning. I think she was in it over 2 hours during the party, and even took a nap while in my cousin's arms. It helped that she was always being carried and there was a lot going on to keep her busy and entertained. She's a very social baby.


I was pretty adamant that she was NOT Ariel. She was just Ember, the mermaid. Just a baby mermaid. No sea shell bras, no fake red hair. Don't get me wrong, I love The Little Mermaid, I do. Even with all the talk about what Disney princess's are actually teaching young girls (and boys!), I'll always have a spot for many Disney movies in my heart, especially the ones I grew up with. But Emme is just a baby girl and I wanted to stick with that. She has many years ahead of her to dress grown up, and like any character she wishes.

But back to crochet, I loved how easy it was to adjust both of these patterns. I made the fin on the tail larger than the pattern called for, and I also crocheted a trim on the edge of the fin just to even out my stitches. Using some quick double crochet, I ruffled up the top of the tail, just to match the hat a bit and because ruffles are fun.

I admit it. I have a baby girl and now I love ruffles. Fine.

The whole outfit didn't take me long at all, I worked on it mostly during nap times. I started it about a week and a half before Halloween!
For the yarn and the pattern, I guess I ended up spending about $25-27. We already had the onesie and of course, her amber teething necklace matching so well was just a happy accident.


I'll leave with the family photos I had Toni take of us... "catching us a mermaid"!
I had to do it... could not resist.

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