Saturday, November 19, 2011

my little elf.

Well, if there is one crafty thing I've been able to do lately, it's crochet.

my little elf.

A couple photographers saw Ember's halloween costume and have asked me to make them up some photography props for their business. Crochet up tiny newborn stocking caps and precious cocoons? Ummm... yes.

So I've been testing out patterns, new and old and trying to get a nice stash of them together.
If you follow me on pinterest, I'm sure you've noticed all the crochet items I pin. I know one day awhile back, I just kept finding more and more awesome ideas. I pretty much flooded pinterest with crochet patterns.

 When I came across this chunky elf hat while searching etsy, I had to whip one up for Ember.

my little elf.
I crocheted it easily yesterday evening and weaved in ends and cleaned it all up this morning.
Probably put an hour of total work into it. I love hats for that instant gratification they give.
About five different yarns went into this. The original pattern calls for a thick thin handspun yarn, which I did not have. But I did have the leftovers of a few gorgeous organic yarns I'd purchased a couple years ago. Pretty plum and purple hues. So I pulled two strands together, and then kept adding in a new yarn when one would run out. I love boutique yarns, but cannot always afford them. Smaller projects like hats are the perfect place for them.

When I buy patterns off etsy, I try to look through the sellers shop and see if there are other patterns I want, because most have a deal where you can buy more for less and save. There have been times where I just need the one pattern and that's it, but usually getting more works much better. Plus it's fun to have the other patterns stashed for a rainy day.

And now, I need to go put my little elf to bed... and start on a very special dinosaur hat for Carlee, who will be here on a visit in just a few short days!

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