Monday, October 24, 2011

work in progress: a mermaid's tail

So today, I wanted to test out how well Ember's costume was fitting her so far, and she looked so dang cute, even with it unfinished, that I had to snap pics:

work in progress - mermaid tail
oh my gosh that face.

work in progress - mermaid tail

work in progress - mermaid tail

I just need to add more to the body, I'd like it to get further up onto her chest (no seashell bras here, that just seems strange to me for a baby) and then I need to add the fins to the bottom.

I picked out this more brown/green/gray yarn because we don't live anywhere near the ocean, so I imagine her to be a freshwater mermaid. Of course.

Neil and I will be fishermen, straight out of Missouri. I have a Bass Pro hat with a hat hook. A giant, gold, hat hook. It only took Neil 8 years, but it's happened. If you don't know what a hat hook is, be happy about that. And just wait until I post photos...

We're throwing a costume party for the little kids this weekend... something I have always, always, always wanted to do. And now that I have Ember, I have a great reason!

For the crocheters: I purchased the pattern from CrochetMyLove at Etsy. It's worked up beautifully, and has been forgiving to my "I don't wanna count stitches over and over again" mistakes. I've just been working on it in any spare minutes I get, mostly naptime and car rides.

I still have a little hat to make too, and it will be complete.
I'm so tickled about the whole thing ... I love Halloween. Well, any reason to wear a costume really...


  1. Its completely adorable! My oldest was a mermaid two years ago. I made it out of inexpensive satin and sewed on lots of sequins and paillettes to make it look like there were scales on the tail. I also made her a scalloped seashell candy bag. It was probably my favorite costume I've made so far. Your little mermaid will be the talk of the town, I'm sure :)

  2. That is so adorable! I love that she's a fresh water mermaid since we definitely don't have any ocean's here in Misery