Friday, October 7, 2011


Today is not Wednesday.

But this post is not about today.
It's about this past Wednesday.

All the caps are completely acceptable, because I am that serious.

Neil had to take off work, due to forgetting about a traffic ticket (do not stuff your tickets in your glove box as soon as you get them...) and having to go to court to get the continuance. I thought, oh, wow, I'll go with you! We'll all go to court!
Hahahehehoho, how fun!

I'm a really really sheltered person ok?
But we headed out, went the bank just in case we did need to pay the fine (we were hoping we could get the continuance and pay in a couple weeks, just because we had not planned on spending that money that way.) and then we headed to the courthouse.
There was a line out the door.
I had no idea this was what "court" meant for this sort of thing. I thought we'd go stand in a huge courtroom, Neil would ramble on to a judge with a ten minute list of excuses, the judge would sternly look at him and then go ahead and continue the ticket and off we would go.
We waited in line with a whole variety of people, I mean, literally people from all walks of life. I really love people watching by the way. We went through the metal detectors and headed down to the courtroom. All the people waiting outside, yeah, pretty sure every single one was there for a ticket of some sort. People were spilling out of the courtroom. A judge came in (late I might add! ahem.) or I guess he was a judge. I didn't see a white wig, a gavel or a heavy book to throw. Anyways. He just started calling names, alphabetically. It went very quickly, and you pretty much yelled "continuance" and were given a new date or "guilty" and paid your fine. I don't think I heard anyone plead not guilty. If you weren't there by the time your name was called (a few people weren't...) then it was a warrant for you.

Neil had squeezed himself inside the room, just to make sure he heard his name. I hung out with Ember outside in the hall, doing more people watching.
Ember decided that it was the proper time to practice her talking/babbling. Which pretty much sounds like a cat howling when she really gets high pitched and going. Neil told me once we got out that he could hear her in the courtroom and it was cracking him up. She was doing some serious entertaining out in that hallway.

After Neil got his continuance, we booked it out of there and spent the rest of the day taking care of various things that needed to be done, little errands, etc.
And I don't know what it was, but the whole day just clicked. Everything flowed like it was supposed to, not even one round of bickering between Neil and I (I think if you're in any sort of partnership, you know what I mean by that). Ember just hung out, napping, playing, nursing along the way. She also entertained quite a few more people at the various stops we made.

We ended the day having dinner with Neil's mom and sister, and after they left, we picked up the house a little bit, got the wee one to bed, and hung out until we were too sleepy to stay up anymore. I just felt vibrant. I felt like all my tanks were full at the end of that day. I haven't felt that way in weeks now and it was a glorious feeling. I'm still riding pretty high on it.

I don't know what it was. Nothing crazy special happened. It was just a day. But it was a day we spent together. I've always thought Neil and I are at our best on those types of days. Just living life together. It was much needed, I knew that, but I really felt it once it was done. I just feel so good. So revived.

I've got this whole weekend with him too. Nothing we have to do.
Nothing we have to do.
Yes. Cannot wait.

Happy Friday!

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  1. How delightful for you (all)! Seriously, once you add a baby to the mix so much changes in ones marriage and those days are wonderful.
    Sue Clarke