Friday, October 7, 2011

just so you know.

(this is just a general, "welcome to my blog, what my blog's about, don't be rude" post, to link back to and keep current.)

If you read this blog, you may find content about:

- Nursing, as in babies, as in breastfeeding. you may even find a photo or two that shows my baby nursing. That photo may or may not show *gasp* a nipple.

- Art journaling. I have been working in journals more and more and actually creating pages. I feel ready to get back into that sort of sharing and discussion again.

- Momma stuff. Daily momma stuff.

- Cloth diapers. Elimination communication. Poop. Lots of poop.

- Crochet. I've fallen back in love with crochet - and I am actually doing it! It pretty much rocks.

- "Natural" parenting. Whatever that means exactly, but I think everyone knows what it means.

- Baby stuff. Daily baby stuff. I'm one of "those people" now. I like to talk about my baby.

- Crafting. Of all kinds. Mostly inspired by pinterest, thank you very much.

- Daily life.

- Personal posts about the ups and the downs. I like keeping it as real as I feel and as much as I feel safe sharing.

Yeah, there's probably so much more. Well, there is, but I'm not in the mood to narrow it all down. But I know that before, my last couple blogs were mostly scrapbooking, and then I started getting more personal and my last one suddenly became a mix of it all. I like that. I love blogging like that.

I also will just post when I feel like it. Sure, I'm going to try to stay on top of posting and even have different "series" of posts going on. But I'm not going to force anything. Some days and weeks I may post a lot, multiple times. And sometimes, barely at all. Just keeping it true to me and easy to maintain.

I do want to say this about my blog though, as far as the momma/baby/parenting type posts go. I don't like the mommy wars. I fully and completely understand that what I do, what I believe in, and how I parent is what works for me. I do not share because I want to convince the world my way is better. I share because it is my life, it is working for me and hey, maybe it even could work for you too? If not, cool, no harm, no foul.

Please, do not take it personally if I do something different. Or believe something different. Just because I talk about something that works for me, doesn't mean I'm saying what anyone else does is wrong. It's not an insult to anyone, it's not me putting anything else down. So please, don't take what I do as a personal dig against your parenting. Let's just respect our differences, ok?

I totally dig helpful advice and opinions. Totally. But negativity, rudeness, hate, etc. Nonconstructive criticism, will be deleted. I don't need that junk in my space. Even my online space.

Thanks for reading, thanks for checking it all out, and thanks for the comments. And most of all, thank you, for respecting my space!

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