Wednesday, September 28, 2011

just a couple more days.

Sorry I've been gone the past couple of weeks.
September has been a rough one. A sad one. A busy one. A frustrating one. A bittersweet one.

I told Neil when it started, that we just had to get through it to October.
Almost there.

I reached a point last night, where my frustration is just HUGE. It's a collection now of all different situations, events, conversations, embarrassments.. not one thing having to do with the other either. I don't want to talk about all of it. Because it's all some small stuff, and some big stuff, and it's all just, well, stuff. I mean, it really does just come down to stuff. Stuff.

But you know what I do want to talk about?

Good stuff.
Like my husband and my daughter, laying on a blanket right before my cousin's wedding.

taking some time.

Or like that last night, Ember and I played on the floor, and she held my face in both her hands and just laughed and laughed.

I am vibrating with SO much creative energy, it's crazy. All of the struggles have just completely fueled my desire to make things. Not just pretty things, or even paper things - my whole life. I have a huge renewed sense of energy towards creating the life I want.

October is almost here. It's hard not to mark parts of life in these whole chunks. It's so easy to say "September = bad" or what a yucky week, month, year. There is this really refreshing feeling to a new chunk of time starting, a new month. The silly hope that it may mean different or better things. But today, this morning, this hour, this minute, my daughter is napping under the sunshine from our bedroom window, we've finished all our housework for the day so there is nothing but play left in store and I have a glass of really yummy pomegranate juice sitting next to me. So really I have to say, on this September day, right now is pretty good.

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