Thursday, September 29, 2011

breastmilk. dishes. raspberries.

Little Miss Loves The Mirror.
Messy, three day old hair is like.. all the rage around my house right now.
Ember is not into it I guess. But you know, maybe she would be if she had more than just peach fuzz and a few crazy strands poking out of her cute little head.

Three random bits that I feel are very important to share (hahahahaha), but not enough for their own post:

- Breast milk is freakishly amazing. I have read a million different kid/health situations online, where at some point or another, a mom will say "just put some breast milk on it!". Seriously. For everything. "Just put some breast milk on it!" Well... for almost two months, I had a horrible bug bite on my inner thigh. It itched so badly that I ended up making it worse and rashy with all my scratching. I tried everything (outside the realm of chemicals..) I could think of and researched all night long. I thought I needed to see someone about it for sure. Finally, in desperation one night, I expressed a little milk and rubbed it on the rash. The next morning, it was easily seventy-five percent better. And just about three days later, it's almost completely gone. No more itch. I'm pretty much going to be putting breast milk on everything for as long as I'm lactating. Seriously.

- I have a gigantic pile of dishes on my counter. Now I know you're asking yourself, "why oh why dear Dani?" Because I keep forgetting to buy dish soap. I have been at the grocery store twice this week and simply keep forgetting to buy dish soap. (Let's not even talk about the time I was at the store three times in one week and kept forgetting to get toilet paper. Thank goodness for our stash of take-out napkins in the glove box of the car....) I used my last spoon to spread butter on my toast this morning. I was seriously. just. at. the. dang. store. Ugh.
(I should explain, I live about 25 min. away from any decent store and so, usually just running back out to the store isn't an option for me...)

- Organic raspberries should just be free and a carton should be given out to every family once a week. I'm serious. I think it would solve a lot of this country's problems. If we all just had free organic raspberries.

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  1. I am so intrigued by the breast milk fix... that's awesome!! and your baby just gets cuter and cuter and cuter. ;)