Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So Neil only ended up working three days.
Three days.
And nothing more permanent seems to be in the works at all.

Oh well, though. Three days pay is better than no days pay!
So, we'll only be able to pay off a few bills, not all. But it helps. I'm not really complaining about that. It all helps. Each month we seem to be getting a better handle on this long unemployment and do a little bit better money wise.

The worst part about it, to me, was how happy Neil was every night when he got home. He loved being able to work. He loves being a plumber and working his trade. It made me feel a little bitter about it, this was such a tease for him. I know how much he misses it.

He looked so exhuasted each night. But he really did look so happy too.

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