Sunday, July 24, 2011

flowers in our hair.

I always said I would never put fake flowers on my daughter's head...

Flowers on her head.

Can't you tell how happy she is about them by her squished up face? (She's all, "seriously mom. seriously.")
But I couldn't help myself... we were getting ready to go my cousin's baby shower... and I just thought, what if I saw how they looked? And they were sooooooo cute.

The headband didn't last very long into the day at all, so oh well.
I should add:

Flowers in our hair!

As you can see in the corner of my braid, I wore a flower as well. So not only did I put fake flowers on her head, but we matched. Something else I never thought I'd do.

Did I mention it was all sooooooo cute?

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