Friday, July 15, 2011


In the Moby Wrap.
It took me awhile to get used to using our moby wrap. It's great - but definitely took practice, wrapping, wrapping and wrapping some more to feel totally comfortable using it.
But now, we've got it down. And Ember is free to look around, take in the world around her while still feeling cozy and safe up against me. I'm really and truly believing more and more in the idea of holding your child close now, so they're more independent and secure later.
I can do a little work around the house, and I've been slowly able to think about working again, creative pursuits and just being online. I'm able to blog! Plus, when she gets tired, she will just konk out, no fighting or fussing. Love that.

There's a great post here reviewing a few baby carriers. I'm sort of finding it as addictive as cloth diaper shopping, and the only thing keeping me from trying out other carriers is funds. I'm carefully stalking craigslist and the discount sites... there about three other carriers I'm interested in, including one I can even wear in the pool.

It's not a new concept by any means, but I think, like a lot of people these days, I didn't grow up seeing babies in slings or wraps, just like I didn't see breastfeeding or cloth diapers. As I learn more about these things, it's just... fun!

Babywearing is awesome, the benefits rock and momma still gets some hands free time, while still cuddling up with baby. Heck yes.

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