Friday, July 29, 2011

my birthday is good luck.

Neil called me on my birthday (he was doing some side work for a family in Lee's Summit) and said, "Your birthday is good luck! I just got a phone call about work!" (I hesitate now to remind him that in 2009, on my birthday, he was informed he was getting laid off for a few months..)
And that is when Ember looked at me quite seriously and then decided to all out wail. in. my. face.
I know... what was I thinking anyways? Answering the phone. Seriously.
So I said, "That is SO great. But I'm going to have to talk to you later. Love you! Bye."

No use sugar coating these things. Baby wailing = no time to chat. I'm pretty sure he heard his daughter, since he didn't seemed bothered by my short conversation.

Anyways, the phone call he got was the union hall, asking him if he'd like a few days of work.

Ummmm.... DUH yes!

And so yesterday, today and probably tomorrow, he's been about 45 minutes away from home, working 12 hour days on a water park that wants the job done, well, yesterday.
A few days of actual work and overtime??? sweet.

There was some talk to could turn into something more permanent, but so far it looks like just a few days work and then back to unemployment and side jobs.
It could be a good sign too - things may be starting to pick up. You never know.

The paycheck he gets from just these few days, means we might actually get ALL of our bills paid in August. And I might get to buy both new razor blades and hair conditioner this month, instead of having to choose between soft hair or hairy legs. Usually soft hair wins... just saying.

I'm really kind of excited about that.

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